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Headache Relief

Did you know that the intensity of jaw clenching is one of the leading causes of persistent migraine pain, chronic headaches and TMJ pain?


You may not even know you are clenching your jaw and causing headache pain later in the day. Studies have shown that most sufferer clench at night while sleeping or during stressful activities and are completely oblivious until they experience the headache pain.

Thousands of dollars later, hours of missed work or relaxation and still the headaches keep coming back.

Good news! There maybe something you can do to prevent them without drugs, surgery or side effects.

Clinical studies have shown that relaxing the intensity of neuromuscular contractions in the head, neck and jaw can significantly reduce both the occurrence and the severity of recurring headache pain.

Well, a simple device has just been approved by the FDA and it could be what the doctor ordered for 40 million Americans who suffer from migraines, tension headaches, all kinds of headaches.  It's called an NTI and you wear this tiny device at night. It has been proven to help prevent migraines, tension headaches and reduce the intensity of jaw clenching during sleep and really reduce the intensity of the headaches as well.

The NTI device is a dental mouthpiece that a trained dentist provides for the patient.  The NTI fits securely on either the patient's upper or lower front teeth while asleep.  The unique presentation of the patient's bite dictates the design of the NTI device. The devise is easily fit at the dentist’s office, involves no surgery, and has no risk of side effects compared to pharmaceutical migraine treatments. And if you a daytime clencher, a discrete daytime version is also available.
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