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Your Child's Dental Care

Infants and Children


It is very important to get started early in life with regular dental care.

It is a crucial step on the road to teaching your child a lifetime of healthy habits. We want to share with you the latest available methods for keeping your child healthy and safe. Did you know that the first dental visit should occur shortly after the first tooth erupts and no later than the child’s first birthday? Tooth and mouth examinations begun early may lead to detection of early stages of tooth decay that can be easily treated. At the first visit will present a program of preventive home care including brushing, flossing, diet and the importance of fluorides. Also a caries risk assessment, which is used to assess the level of risk for caries (cavity) development in infants, children and adolescents based on a set of clinical, environmental and general health factors, may be done.

What you need to know about preventing injuries to the mouth and teeth.

It is very important that primary teeth are kept in place until they are lost naturally. These teeth serve a number of critical functions. They maintain good nutrition by permitting your child to chew properly. They are involved in speech development. They help the permanent teeth by saving space for them. In addition, a healthy smile can help children feel good about the way they look to others.

Dental Sealants



Adolescents have special needs.

There needs are like the two sides of a coin. Their appearance and self-image are very important to them. And decayed or poorly positioned teeth or jaws make them more self-conscious. But, Teens also eat frequently, and unhealthy snack foods tend to become a major part of their regular diet. Providing a professional, sensitive and caring approach to their dental health through education, restoring and guiding teeth, and preventive dental health care through the teen’s high school years is most essential. When necessary, information on sealants, oral piercing, wisdom teeth, missing teeth and tobacco use will provided.

Team Approach to Total Health

When helping children, we often work with parents and dental specialists to create an all encompassing approach to their care. All young people are served best through this team approach. Dentists are an important part of your child’s health team because good oral health is a critical part of total health.


Family & Cosmetic Dentistrty

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Dental Sealants